About Us

The Seychelles Credit Union is a members owned cooperative.

Since our shareholders are the members themselves, we can concentrate on giving them competitive rates and excellent service. We believe we should be accountable to them. Our approach is based on members working together and reaping the benefits together, hence our motto:


The website has been developed with the aim of making our services readily available to all Seychellois residing in and outside Seychelles.  SCU reckons that this approach will be beneficial for its continued growth as an established financial institution.

Our Values are:

  • Co-operation
  • Trust
  • Moral integrity
  • Financial prudence
  • Caring for members
  • Social responsibility
  • Cooperative education

Seychelles Credit Union Mission Statement

As the only community-based savings and credit cooperative society (Credit Union) in Seychelles, the Seychelles Credit Union has the mission of promoting thrift amongst its members to enable it to provide quality and fairly priced financial services to the community sphere through putting people before profits and deliver financial services that not only meet but surpass members’ expectations.

Our vision is to strive to become a household name amongst members of our Community.

Our Objectives

  • Creation of a pool of funds to provide credits/loans to members
  • Mobilisation of savings amongst its membership
  • Promote thrift amongst its membership
  • Provide financial services at affordable and competitive rates of interest
  • Encourage good governance, transparency and democratic practices
  • Empower members so that they became self-reliant.Moral integrity

Organisation Chart
The structure of the Seychelles Credit Union Organisation is as follows: