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Seychelles Electronic Funds Transfer


In the aftermath of the COVID-19, Seychelles Credit Union (SCU) will be much different than it was pre-pandemic.  A look into the future  provides a good foundation for what needs to be done today.

Prior to COVID-19, it was clear that SCU needed to digitalise, was aware of what needed to be done and how to proceed. There was just not the urgency  to take action since SCU was being prosperous at the time.

Nonetheless, SCU is now  able to offer a quick  solution to interbank transactions (that  is, transactions between banks  and SCU) called SEFT which is short  for Seychelles Electronic Funds  Transfer.  SEFT is an electronic “domestic” funds transfer system  setup  between all banks, Seychelles Credit Union and the Central Bank of Seychelles.  This platform facilitates domestic rupee money transfers for FREE through a secure  online communication channel in a safe and efficient manner, minimizing the need for physical exchange of cash and manual processing.

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